Get To Know Me

Authenticity and honesty are integral values that I hold tightly to my chest when I approach all my visual work. Over the years I have become a lover and seeker of the unscripted moments of life, mixed in with all those momentous special occasions. This is what I look for and love to capture behind the camera lens. If you’re looking for someone who is a stickler for those small details, isn’t afraid of the rain, is a bit of a fly on the wall but loves good old hearty conversation then I’m your gal!
From a young age I was always drawn to stories. Reading them, writing them and photographing them. I was fascinated by their ability to transport each individual someplace different. What the creators of these narratives could evoke through their own vision. It didn’t take long till I was exploring my own story telling and my love for the camera and all things visual took over. In recent years I’ve fused many of these loves together – words, photos, video – and this truly was a match made in heaven.
I find a lot of joy in the simpleness of life: quiet, full mornings; the way the light hits my white walls in the late afternoon; the smell of coffee before it touches my tastebuds; long road trips with good music and exploring the beautiful mountains I call home. I spend way too much time thinking about smashed avocado on toast, I am a huge stationary enthusiast but have not yet mastered the skill of consistently using a calendar diary, I’ve dreamed of travelling to Iceland since I was sixteen and sometimes I enjoy movie soundtracks more than the movies themselves.